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Ron Feingold: Back To Dirty

"Back to Dirty" is Ron Feingold third album and his first CD in 7 years! It is also a Double CD featuring a BONUS one hour of Ron LIVE AT LOONEES (his hometown club in Colorado Springs). Returning to "his roots" in "Back to Dirty", Ron has compiled an impressive list of songs that showcase his return to the "adult side of songs!" A parody of Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback" now performed as "Hairyback," two songs written by "The Johnnyman"-one of Ron's good friends in comedy- called "Better off Gay" and "Yodel in the Canyon!"- let your imagination figure that one out! There are also a couple of songs Ron covers that were written by two members of the amazing a cappella group "DaVinci's Notebook" now a duo called Paul and Storm. Those songs are "Enema Coutdown" and "Enormous Penis." There is the Bud Light Commercial inspired "Heckler Song" and even an ABBA parody called "Take your Pants Off Please!" Finally, Ron left the best for last with "Guest Rappers" which fuses the music of "The Rat Pack"- Sinatra, Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. with current rap songs and artists from Snoop Dogg, Digital Undergraound's "The Humpty Dance" and an amazing version of "Rappers Delight" sung by Sammy himself!

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Live at Loonees!

Take Your Pants Off Please

Yodel in the Canyon

Heckler Song

Enormous Penis

Guest Rappers


Solo Effort - Ron Feingold

Solo Effort, performed by comedian Ron Feingold and produced by Orlando composer/arranger/producer Glenn Longacre, is an ecclectic collection of songs. Solo Effort starts out with "Oh What a Night!", then moves into a hilarious commercial jingles medley called "A Day in the Life" that contains over 32 commercial jingles. From there it gets into some serious funk, followed by an R & B Medley, a Jim Croce Hits Medley, an Impressions Medley including Nat "King" & Natalie Cole and Kermit the Frog and Joe Cocker, other a cappella favorites and classics, and finally a cut from Phantom of the Opera's "Music of the Night" titled "The Home Depot Song."

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Oh What A Night

Celebration (from Chicadow)

867-5309 as Kermit

Bad Bad Leroy Brown

Kosher Ham

The Home Depot Song